Can You Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Into Your Life? Learn How It’s Done

If you and your girlfriend split up recently, then you are undoubtedly in a bad place, especially if you were completely in love with her. You are sick to your stomach and don’t have any energy to see someone or go somewhere. There is nothing that holds a candle to what she meant to you and her absence is a hole in your heart. Whether you broke up two weeks ago or two months ago, the pain will not go away until you do something about it. Sure it’s possible for you to go out with friends, go to a party and find new girls in order to forget the one you lost. You could also use your time in trying out techniques that could help you in getting your girlfriend back.


There can be different situations that can lead to your breakup so you need to consider your unique situation before taking any steps to get your girl back in your life. Read on to find the steps you should follow for your situation:

It has been a few days, weeks or months, but the wound is still fresh and raw. So what do you do? Here is what should be done:

  • Understand why she decided to leave. This is the first step if you want to mend a relationship. Know why she left, the signs of the breakup and your part in it.
  • Leave it at least for two weeks. Don’t make the mistake of acting desperate and too needy. It will not help your case. You have to keep your cards close to your chest and leave her be for at least 2 weeks. If you need to, delete her number and block her on Facebook.
  • Get back in touch. Once you have let a couple of weeks pass you by, it is now time to contact her. Make sure you keep it light and personal. It is best to message her on Facebook or send her a text. Keep it humorous and don’t go for the desperate talk.
  • Keep it casual. No heavy-duty stuff should be mentioned as this will do nothing, but drive her away. Act as if you are meeting a friend like going for lunch or having coffee. This will give her the feeling that you aren’t interested in her sexually as she will automatically feel safe.
  • Meet up again. Take it slowly or casually for a couple of weeks or months. During this time, you should just continue meeting her. The only thing you have to do is keep it friendly and light and don’t discuss the breakup at all. Show her that you are happy and moving on with your life.
  • Time to go in for the kill. When you have had casual meet ups, invite her to some place beautiful and romantic. Now you can get sexy and romantic and make the move.

This is all groundwork and she will automatically be unable to resist you and feel in love with you again. Check out for more details on girlfriends!